Making pathetic efforts during your workout, you’ll get a pathetic result  You’re not a loser unless you give up  Genetics is just an excuse  Sports build the culture of encouragement, the culture of cheerfulness  You can achieve a lot, if you believe in yourself and your coach


10 February at 12:00 takes place the armwrestling championship of Zaporozhye region.At address: Zaporozhye, Sobornyi Ave 53, leisure center ‘Intrade’. Referee in chief of championship is Roman Ryabtsev (Master of sports of International Class, winner of European Championship). Weight classes (left/right): 63, 70, 78, 86, 95, 95+. Girls to 60 kg and 60+ absolute class for left and right hand. Entrance is free! Tel. For further information: 068 455-55-64, 066 411-11-26.

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