Gym №4

Charivnaya st. 40B тел. 707-74-76

Big gym (650 sq.m.). Modern ventilation system, two spacious halls for women’s groups, professional fitness equipment Interatletika, elliptical trainers, two prof. treadmills, punching bags, two tennis tables, comfortable changing rooms and showers. There is always a coach present in the gym. Since November 2013 350 meters for children sport more have been added. Several karate, jujitsu, Thai boxing, boxing, judo sections have been opened at once. Dancing groups: hip-hop, rhythmic gymnastics for the little once, modern dances. Everything takes place in modern conditions and with qualified coaches only.


Понедельник Вторник Среда Четверг Пятница Суббота Воскресенье
Fitness Natasha 08:30-09:3019:00-20:00 08:30-09:3019:00-20:00 08:30-09:3019:00-20:00
Fitness Elena 18:00-19:0019:00-20:00 18:00-19:0019:00-20:00
Fitness Yana 18:00-19:00 17:00-18:0018:00-19:00 18:00-19:00 09:15-10:15
Pilates Natasha 09:30-10:3018:00-19:00 09:30-10:3018:00-19:00 09:30-10:3018:00-19:00